Wildlife Viewing in Mozambique

Africa is world renowned for its wildlife, fauna and flora and not to mention the abundance of space for all these creatures to live together. Game parks and safaris are usually the main go to areas to find a wild animal and Mozambique is no different. However you will find some of our lodges that we list fall within these game parks and protected sanctuaries, so you litterally live with the wild in a protected haven.

The Game on offer in Mozambique is as varied as there are places to stay. Whether you are a big game viewer looking for Zebra and antelope, or prehistoric crocodiles and hippos around the watering holes and lakes. Mozambique guarentees you will find what your looking for. A notable area for its big game is the Elephant Reserve just 79 kilometres south of Maputo. Accessible only by 4x4 this unspoiled region has it all and is a must see. Not forgeting the fact that Mozambique contains a delicate eco system and estuaries which support an abundance of birdlife.

Bird watchers can give their eyes a feast by visiting the Bazaruto Archipelago as this is the perfect destination to watch for migrant birds. All and all Mozambique offers the traveller the perfect balance of sights, sounds and smells which will make you fall inlove with life all over again.

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